Breakthrough and history of its appearing which is based on the real facts

Breakthrough and history of its appearing which is based on the real facts

Interesting fact – most of the man who uses Viagra doesn’t know how humanity got this pill. This history is rather interesting and it is possible to say that Viagra’s discovery became the result of huge mistake.


In 1991 group of scientists appeared that in pharmaceutical area there is no decision about some heart activity’s deviations. They start discovering and soon appeared new active element which should be tested. There were no reasons to wait and they formed groups, which consisted of man with different degree of heart disease.

Tests started early in the morning. For every person from groups were given the same number of pills. It was important for them to note every feeling because notes after tests deadline should be analyzed. After tests were gone, doctors asked group members to return pills, but some of them told that it is impossible. They explained it by strange changes into their sexual life which came right after pill’s using start. It became to be a huge reason to form groups again and start other tests because during a long period of time there was no any decision in pharmaceutical area, which could have influence to the ED.


When scientists appeared that their new element is able to bring changes into sexual life, they wasn’t silent, because it was a real breakthrough. At the moment of second tests wave start journalists already knows about it. As the result, even without name and producing new pills became to be the main theme to discuss. People formed waiting lists and were trying to get pills as soon as it possible. On the wave of success appeared some rogue persons who were trying to sell fake pills.The producing company saw result of their loud speeches and the only one way to stop it was producing of the first line.

First line

When all tests were successfully done, company was ready to present their product but there was one more problem – product has no name. It was important to find something special because this pill broke myth that pharmaceutical is powerless on the field of ED fighting.

They asked advertisement agency about help and soon new name “Viagra” appeared on the counters. This strange name consists of Latin words which mean “power”, “strong”, “huge” and waterfall’s name Niagara, which is a symbol of uncontrolled natural energy.The first line had unbelievable success and company sell all pills in one day. After that, it was important to create normal producing circumstances because gotten equipment was not enough.

Viagra became most popular pill and one more interesting information that it is still actual. Dosages were fixed but soon they were changed. Its popularity is based on high effective results and soft action. Besides since Viagra’s appearing different companies try to repeat its success but most of them were vain. We happy to present you best quality Viagra, because it is a pill with its own history. It is success which sudden appeared by a huge mistake, which make man all over the world happy. So, it is a good example that sometimes we should do mistakes to get amazing result.