ED and people’s attitude to this problem in the history of humanity

ED and people’s attitude to this problem in the history of humanity

It is not a secret that sexual part of human’s life plays a huge role in different aspects. During all the centuries of humanity’s exist man’s health was important because it is the only one way to bring progeny into their life. In ancient time, there was no enough knowledge which could give an answer about main reasons of ED appearing, and the only one thing people could use is wild guesses.

ED as the mysterious sign

Without science, most of the races connected ED with magic. They thought that it is something like a kind of punishment because of sins and they were sure that the only one method which could give the result is magic and different rituals. In other races, people preferred to use herbal medicine, because they thought that natural power could destroy problems. In fact, there were some really useful methods, because herbal medicine confirmed its results. Today medicine also uses herbs, because some of them can help to destroy disease, but it is important to mention that all of them become much more effective with the help of science.

Some cultures thought that ED could appear only in the life of weak man. It was a kind of sign that man is not enough brave and people make him go through different competitions. It was a good try to make him show brave. From psychological part of view, it is could be effective because self-confidence plays a huge part into the forming of erection. But this method could be effective only if main problem of ED based on emotional part.

Past century, before Viagra’s discovering

Most interesting period of fighting with ED comes into 20 century. Medicine officially declared that they have no methods which could be effective in ED case and man already accepted their destiny.

Just imagine how is it possible to keep normal life when there will be no sex in your life. Ever. It makes depressed. Besides, ED without faith becomes to be popular divorce reason. It means that no the only one was for someone, who want to destroy his own ED is pray.
Everything changed at the end of the century with the help of Viagra’s discovering. It gives a hope that even without normal erectile function it is possible to live a normal life. When you would need a support, one little pill could give it to you.

Modern attitude

Today if someone hears from doctor “You have problems in ED area”, it doesn’t mean that it is the end of your life and nothing could be changed. It is just a new phase and you need a simple support, which includes taking a pill.

Some people afraid that a pill means you are sick – it is not true. ED could appear from different reasons and it is just a kind of you health’s feature. Besides it is not necessary to use them every day. Their action could be formed under your lifestyle and everything you need is using them before sexual activity.

So, progress destroyed ED problems with the help of historical experience and science. Today ED couldn’t bring any harm to man’s life and it means that it is possible to save your habits without any mean full changes. Besides, we know how to guarantee the best results of pharmacy Viagra in a short period of time.