Viagra FAQ

1) What is the female attitude about using of Viagra?
To answer this question it is important to take a look at the statistics. It tells us that about half of woman in pairs prefer to try it. It is easy to explain – Viagra helps to feel deep emotions which are not able without it.

2) What should I feel if I’ll take dosage twice?
It is not recommended because in this case pressure to cardiovascular system will be too high. People who do that expected that it will be the new top of pleasure, but it is not real. Don’t use daily dosage twice per day.

3) What could be if take a pill before physical activity (sport)?
Nothing bad could happen. Viagra creates strong blood flow and in such circumstances your body will work for the result, but in some cases man could feel relaxation. It means that it is able to use it before working out, but what’s the point?!

4) If I want to make a surprise for my girlfriend, is it possible to take a pill right before sex?
No. Viagra’s action starts after 30-40 minutes. Sometimes effect could appear sooner for 10-15 minutes. So, if you want to create a real surprise it is important to take it in right time. To make its action faster don’t take oily food before 3 hours.

5) How to make Viagra’s effect more effective?
If you want to feel all the range which Viagra is able to give, there are some positions to do. First, do not use alcohol and oily food. Alcohol kills your feelings and oily food covered stomach’s walls and there is no ability for good saturation. And you should be in a good mood – that is all that you need to take all from Viagra.

6) What should I do if I afraid to take Viagra at the first time?
You should relax. It is important to know that Viagra is a popular pill and all of the side effects are well known. All of them are not dangerous for your health and if you still afraid, it is always possible to start from small dosage and taste its effect.

7) What should I do if there is no effect after 40 minutes?
First, don’t be panic! Relax and wait for some more time, because it is possible that your stomach is not able to create fast saturation (oily food etc.). Don’t take another dosage! Just wait and result will come.

8) I had a bad experience with another pill and now I afraid to take Viagra. Are there any guarantees?
You should know what the main component of that pill you take was. If they are the same, just start from small dosage (trial version). If you not sure that your health in a good shape, it is always possible to go get tested in the clinic.

9) What is the best place to try Viagra for the first time?
Of course, it is home, where everything is nice, cozy and safe. Our customers mentioned that after the first time it is interesting to use Viagra in unusual places because it helps to create unbelievable emotions.

10) Is it possible to get Viagra’s using habit?
In fact, no. There are no elements which could be a reason of habit. Without Viagra you just could miss about deep emotions and passion love which it could bring into your life. After daily use adaptation is possible on the emotional side, but it could go in a few days without any harm.